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What is MiSPI in the UK?

The Michigan School Programme Information project started in 2012 in the United States to understand how educators use their social networks to locate information about school-based programmes, and how they make decisions about which programmes to use. Now in partnership with Evidence Based Education and Shotton Hall Research School, MiSPI is investigating how educators' social networks work in Northeast England. The short video below gives a quick overview.

mispi.org is now hosted at www.zacharyneal.com

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What will MiSPI-UK be doing?

Phase 1 (Autumn 2018): The MiSPI-UK study began with a web-based survey sent to Heads of Teaching and Learning at schools throughout the North East. The survey focused on understanding how and where educators get information they use to make decisions about pastoral, literacy, and numeracy programmes and practices.

Phase 2 (Winter 2019): The MiSPI-UK team contacted people who were identified in Phase 1 as important sources of information. These people were invited to participate in a similar web-based survey. The goal of this survey was to understand how social networks play a role in circulating information about pastoral, literacy, and numeracy programmes and practices.

Phase 3 (Spring 2019): The MiSPI-UK team analyzed these data and summarized the results and presented their findings on May 17 at Shotton Hall Research School.

Who is responsible for MiSPI-UK?

The MiSPI team is led by US-based researchers Dr. Jennifer Watling Neal and Dr. Zachary Neal, professors at Michigan State University (photo, right). In the UK, they are working in partnership with Dr. Stuart Kime, Director of Education at Evidence Based Education in Durham, and Louise Quinn, Director of the Shotton Hall Research School in Peterlee (photo, left).

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