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Urban Networks.org
urbannetworks.org is now hosted at www.zacharyneal.com

Research on the topic of urban networks now extends across many social and natural science disciplines (e.g. geography, sociology, engineering, physics) and over many scales of analysis from the intensely local formation of social networks among neighbours to the regional formation of transportation networks to the global formation of transnational economic networks. This rapid growth in the size, scope, and scale of urban network research has left the area invigorated, but without a clear agenda for future work. As a result, there are now many questions confronting urban network researchers. With sponsorship from the Urban Studies Foundation, Michigan State University, and Universiteit Gent, we began to explore these questions at a 2017 Symposium in Ghent.


That conversation continues at UrbanNetworks.org, which was created as a place to share research and announce future events. The site is maintained by Zachary Neal; contact him at zpneal@msu.edu with any questions about what you find here.

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