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AAG 2019

Washington D.C.
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AAG 2019  |  April 3-7, 2019  |  Washington, DC



Organizers and Co-Sponsors –

Zachary Neal, Michigan State University

Celine Rozenblat, Université de Lausanne

International Geographical Union, Commission on Transport & Geography

International Geographical Union, Urban Geography Commission

The internal dynamics of cities can often be viewed as emerging from the interaction of multiple types of networks, including the social networks of people and the infrastructure networks of roads and utilities. At the same time, the dynamics of urban systems can also often be understood emerging from networks, including the economic and transportation networks that link cities into a world city network. Accordingly, research on cities and networks (a.k.a. urban networks) now spans multiple scales, topics, and disciplines. To explore the range of research on urban networks, we are pleased to host four sessions at AAG2019. Please note that the sessions are subject to change until the final AAG program has been issued.
We hope you will join us in Washington DC.

Cities and Networks I: Economic Networks

Ben Derudder, Kathy Pain, & Peter Taylor – Real estate services firms and the world city network

Samuel Heroy, Neave O'Clery, Francois Hulot, & Mariano Beguerisse – The network dynamics of urban agglomeration

Joris Beckers – The network geography in Belgium through commuting detection, a special focus on retail landscapes

Fabian Wenner, Michael Bentlage, & Alain Thierstein – High-Speed Rail and the development of interlocking firm networks of the knowledge economy in Germany and Europe

Zachary Neal, Ben Derudder, & Peter Taylor – Forecasting the World City Network

Cities and Networks II: Beyond the US & Europe

Celine Rozenblat – Globalization and specialization of Chinese cities 2010-2016: towards more or less urban resilience?

Rubén Garnicia-Monroy, Veronica Garibay-Bravo, Alonso Gonzalez Gonzalez, Susana Elisa Medina, &  Wendy E. Martinez Resendiz – Spatial analysis of five mid-size cities in Central Mexico using Space Syntax
Ziyun He & Fenghua Pan – Collaboration networks of Global financial centers: A Study Based on Initial Public Offerings of Chinese Firms in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, 1999-2017

Renato Balbim – Cities' networks, diplomacy, and policy in an urban world
Yuqing Long – Multifractal characterization of the distribution pattern of urban road networks: an application to 12 big cities in China

Cities and Neworks III: Social & Political Networks

Caleb Gallemore, Arno Kourula, Kristjan Jespersen, & Roy Suddaby – Spatial Capital and the Agglomeration of Governance in the Transnational REDD+ Field

Meg Bartholomew & Alasdair Jones – Ties through place: a review and synthesis of socio-material network analyses

Kate Anderson, Joseph Galaskiewicz, & Kendra Thompson-Dyck – Racial/Ethnic Residential Segregation and Urban Spatial Networks: An Analysis of Children’s Leisure Time Activities in the Phoenix Area

Su Burtner & Alan Murray – Social mobility and segregation examined through networked behavior

Sara Metcalf, Harvey Palmer, Qiuyi Zhang, & Mary E Northridge – Modeling dissemination of health information and beliefs in urban social networks

Cities and Networks IV: New Frontiers

Jack Hanson – Ancient data, modern methods?

Fangcau Xu – An Algorithm to Infer a Spatiotemporal Diffusion Network

Antoine Peris, Evert Meijers, & Willem Jan Faber – Long term evolution of information circulation between cities

Mikhail Rogov, Céline Rozenblat, & Shade Shutters – Multi-level approach to urban resilience: conceptual and operational model

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